About Me

Hey there! I'm Angela, a user experience designer based in the Bay Area, CA.

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We design digital experiences, that bring joy to your customers

I started my UX design journey at Purdue University, but my love of design and all that it entails really started when I was younger. As an itty bitty child, I loved video games and that undoubtedly still rings true today. Visual storytelling and stellar UI is something I am passionate about today.

Who we are

My education has opened my eyes to various aspects of the UX design industry that I have began to love just as much as visual storytelling or UI.

From the very beginning, I was blessed to be given the opportunities to work with real companies on meaningful projects. Some of these were more corporate style projects, some were start-ups, and even more recently, I have done research based projects to aid academic papers.

As a UX designer, I believe it is important to dip our toes in as many different areas as possible and be emboldened to learn new information regardless of whether or not it has anything to do with UX. After all, our work is for the people.

Offering a variety of high-end services


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