Lyft Rating Re-Design

Project Type
Lyft Rating Re-Design

Design Opportunity

Our design opportunity for this semester was to conduct research into the behavior changes of video gamers during the pandemic and design a new audio solution that addresses their needs and frustrations.

Covid-19 impact

Global pandemic COVID-19 has created a drastic increase in play time for gamers as well as an increase in users. This includes gamers actually gaming, but also increase in engagement through watching streamers on livestream platforms like Twitch. Global health leaders and gaming companies alike have banded together to slow the spread of COVID-19. The World Health Organization along with 18 game industry leaders launched #PlayApartTogether in March, an initiative that encourages social distancing, connecting with friends virtually, and responsible health measures.

In this new world of connected gaming, there is an increasing need to incorporate new forms of chatting, audio, video and other interactive elements that would provide an even more immersive experience.

Problem Statement

PC gamers playing online games with their friends need a way to balance the core audio inputs so that they can customize the gaming experience to their sound preferences.

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